The process

This is our way. It's effective and thorough.
You have a fantastic idea

Your new business will disrupt markets and will have a positive impact on people’s lives. We love it!

You build a great team

Great projects usually have a backbone that consists of the right people doing the right tasks. You’ve somehow managed to find them and keep them close.

You already have a compelling proof of concept or an MVP
Prove that your good idea can be turned into reality.

You become part of the tribe!

You partner up with Robin Good

We met and fell in love with your product. Furthermore, we’re confident we can take it to the next level.

You become part of the tribe!
We work together to make your product to best fit the targeted market

It’s a process that needs a lot of clarity, transparency, and strategy in order to get to a product that best fits today’s markets.

We help develop and grow our team through mentorship

You and your team will benefit from our many years of experience as entrepreneurs in the digital space. You are in good hands!

We help you develop a go-to-market strategy

Go-to-market strategies define the set of actions that make or break your product’s success path. It’s about everything that happens at the block start.

We support you in getting the pre-seed investment round

This is a stepping stone towards the big leagues, and we make sure you step in the right direction.

We help you implement the go-to-market strategy

Successfully implementing a go-to-market strategy is an important task in becoming an actual profitable business. We’ll make sure you know the how the who, and the when.

We help you generate income

Time to make some money. Set the pace and then scale. Find all monetization sources and time the market for maximum profitability.


We support you in getting the seed investment round

Welcome to the big leagues. Your focus and commitment are rewarded in full. Your business is now on the tracks of becoming the “next big thing”.