The partners

A team is as strong as it's weakest link.
We don't have weak links. Here we are.

Florin M. Pop

Florin has been active in the investment and business consulting industry for the last 20 years. In recent years he has mentored many young entrepreneurs in their development and the businesses they run, because he likes helping new entrepreneurs.

Investing in people and lasting relationships is by far the most important investment we have the opportunity to make in our lives.

Sandu Babasan

Sandu is one of the most recognized entrepreneurs in the Romanian online, with a vast business experience resulting from projects that have innovated the digital space.

We have to use the present to analyze past data for us to succeed in the future.

Alin M. Laurentiu

Lawyer, entrepreneur, an investor with significant experience in M&A and private equity investments, Alin is an excellent strategist and negotiator, recognized for his ability to understand not only the law, but the business as well, making LLA more than a law firm – a trusted business advisor to clients.

Time and trust are the rarest of resources. Waste neither.

Our team

Alexandra Cohutiu

Partner at Laurentiu, Laurentiu & Associates – Attorneys at law.

Cristiana Bogateanu

Project Owner and Manager in hardware and software product development.

Cristian Varga

Product Owner and Manager with strong background in Finance.

Andrei Temneanu

Digital Marketing executive, start-up experience, strong tech background.

Remus Lucut

eCommerce expert with a strong B2B Sales background.

Achim-Sorin Razoare

Partner at Laurentiu, Laurentiu & Associates – Attorneys at law